Cooling gel for restless legs

Cold Brother® feels like jumping into an ice bath...

...and can effectively and naturally help relieve typical symptoms of restless legs.

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Only the best for your legs

Aloe Vera

Provides an icy cooling effect and relaxes the autonomic nervous system. Aloe Vera also transports the healing ingredients into your muscles.


Promotes blood circulation in your muscles and ensures better removal of harmful substances. Arnica also has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.

Devil's Claw

Has strong pain-relieving properties and makes your inner restlessness disappear. Devil's claw calms your muscles and relaxes your nerves for a long time.

10,000 bottles don’t lie

Since 2021, Kalter Bruder® has been helping people with restless legs and is now on thousands of bedside tables. Only 2 out of 100 first-time customers make use of our money-back guarantee and over half of all customers already have their second bottle of Kalter Bruder®. Our natural gel is made in Germany and is the result of a passionate search for solutions with heart and soul.

Restless legs since childhood

Normally RLS is a disease that mainly affects older people - but in my case the problem with the night-time tingling started at a young age. After trying all kinds of medication and treatments without success, I went looking for it myself and found this special formula for a natural gel in Gran Canaria. From the first time I used it, I was delighted and infinitely grateful for this coincidence - the gel has been on my bedside table ever since.

Carsten – co-founder of Kalter Bruder®.

Kalter-Bruder® 500ml for 53€

(enough for 2-3 months)

Our 60-day money-back guarantee is straightforward and reliable. Order your first bottle of Kalter Bruder now and give your legs the rest they deserve.

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