Cold Brother® for Restless Legs

Cold Brother® for Restless Legs

Germany is fidgeting.

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) affects approximately 7-10% of the population in Western industrialized nations, making it one of the most common neurological diseases.

Those affected feel a strong urge to move in order to relieve the unpleasant sensations. These occur mainly during periods of rest, such as sitting or lying down, and subside with movement. The symptoms are typically more pronounced in the evening or at night , but can also occur during the day.

Those affected describe the discomfort in different ways. There may be a burning, pulling, electric sensation, tingling or pins and needles sensation in the legs. Some people feel hot or cold, pain or cramps. The symptoms may be limited to the legs, but may also occur in other parts of the body such as the arms, chest or even on one or both sides. At the beginning of the disease, the symptoms may be minor and at times even completely absent, which can lead to RLS remaining undetected for a long time.

RLS can also affect sleep. Many patients suffer from involuntary leg movements during sleep, which can lead to problems both when falling asleep and during the deep sleep phase . The constant urge to move can be very stressful overall and significantly reduce the quality of life. Sleep disorders due to RLS can lead to tiredness, exhaustion and reduced performance during the day. In the long term, there is also an increased risk of other diseases.

In addition to physical symptoms, RLS can also cause social limitations. People who can no longer go to the cinema or theater due to restlessness, who have to avoid traveling or long car journeys, can feel increasingly isolated. This can lead to an impairment of social life and emotional well-being.

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Vicious circle tablets

Vicious circle tablets

Personal experiences
by Kalter Bruder© founder Carsten



Since when have you been suffering from RLS and how did it come about?

"Basically for about 12 years - it started pretty much exactly when I left university and started working. Somehow that makes me suspicious, also because I feel RLS much more strongly at nights when I go to bed with a full head. There must be a connection that goes beyond what conventional medicine tells us."

What have you done so far to combat the symptoms and how did it work?

"Before I came across this amazing gel from Gran Canaria, I tried a number of things and unfortunately only had bad experiences - prescription drugs such as Levodopa did help, but my body quickly got used to them and required an increased dose. The same was true for the consumption of marijuana, which is recommended in many forums for RLS.

I have also tried all sorts of "little helpers" such as CBD oil, valerian or melatonin, but they are all far too weak for my restless legs, no chance. The only thing I take in addition is high-quality magnesium - but be careful: the cheap preparations from the drugstore have not helped me! It has to be magnesium CITRATE because it is better absorbed by the body. That is exactly why we at Kalter Bruder© decided to bring our own magnesium citrate onto the market in the summer."

Are you completely free of symptoms today?

No, not always. I have to admit that despite Cold Brother© and magnesium citrate, there are still nights that are a bit annoying, especially when it's warm outside.

Since I have decided to go completely pill-free, it is often a question of discipline: Do I not watch TV before I go to sleep? Do I avoid sugar or fast carbohydrates in the evening? Am I not too lazy to do a few posture exercises before bed? Cold Brother© is of course always there.

What would you recommend to other people suffering from RLS?

Well, in addition to everything I have just described, it is of course important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good food, little alcohol and plenty of exercise.

I think it's no coincidence that western industrial nations are particularly familiar with this condition. All the convenience foods from discount stores, the incredible screen time (a German looks at his smartphone an average of 88 times a day!) and far too little exercise compared to the amount of walking and physical work we did a few decades or centuries ago. Once a year I go to a monastery for 5 days and spend the time with Zen meditation and exercise - how do you think I can sleep then :-)

“Totally desperate”

“Totally desperate”

A survey of 300 particularly affected RLS patients shows what helps and what doesn’t.

Relaxation through cooling

Relaxation through cooling

More than half of all respondents have already tried cooling creams – but does cold actually help?

Professional athletes relax their muscles by jumping into an ice bath . When a muscle is cooled, two things happen: (1) It filters out harmful substances such as lactic acid. (2) It receives more blood. Both of these things help the stressed parts of the body to regenerate and relax.

In addition, a cold stimulus on the affected area ensures that the transmission of pain through the nerves is dampened , so it makes sense that this also applies to the "tingling signals" in RLS. Some of our customers actually report that nightly ice baths have helped them with restless legs. However, the vast majority have stopped doing it at some point because the effect does not last long and because it is simply impractical to do at home.

A study on the treatment of restless legs syndrome (RLS) in a cold chamber offers hope for relief of symptoms . Cold therapy was investigated in a pilot study and showed significant improvements in symptoms and in sleep and quality of life. Patients visited the cold chamber for three minutes at -60°C and after ten treatments the results were still positive. The cold chamber in the Red Cross Hospital has three sections with different temperatures and patients are protected during their stay. The costs of the therapy are decided individually by the health insurance companies.

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Ice bath from the bottle

Kalter Bruder® creates a cooling and relaxing effect from the very first application. Particularly stressed or tense areas of the body benefit from the regenerating and circulation-promoting properties of the ingredients, which, like jumping into an ice bath, can help muscles and nerves to recover .

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The medicinal plants in Kalter Bruder®

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera provides a pleasant cooling effect, relaxes the autonomic nervous system and is particularly moisturizing for the skin.


Promotes blood circulation in the muscles and ensures better removal of harmful substances. Arnica also has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.

Devil's Claw

Has strong pain-relieving properties and makes your inner restlessness disappear. Devil's claw calms your muscles and relaxes your nerves for a long time.


Cools, refreshes and spreads a pleasant minty smell. Menthol dilates the blood vessels and often has a pain-relieving effect.


Relieves muscle cramps and promotes blood circulation. Camphor also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is good for the skin.


Provides a warm, cozy feeling in the stomach area. Love and passion are probably our most important ingredients.

Severe sleep disorders for years

Since I have tried several other cooling ointments, I can say with conviction that this product cools the most intensely - the effect is almost immediate within 1 minute and the effect lasts the longest, and even when the cooling effect is gone, my feet have calmed down or I have already fallen asleep. Only in the summer months, when I wake up again on very hot nights, does the burning sensation return and I have to apply the gel again to continue sleeping. Judith C. from Vienna.

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