Our history

Our history

Here you can find out a little more about us personally. We built this website to reach even more people with restless legs and to be able to help them with our accidentally discovered "miracle weapon". Because behind our massage gel Cold Brother® there are actually two brothers, twins to be exact - and you can read our story here. Have fun :-)

As is often the case, at the beginning there is nothing. We, Stefan and Carsten, started this website out of complete euphoria, without thinking too much about it. The only thought was that it could be useful for others if we shared our experiences on the subject of restless legs and our new "miracle weapon" Kalter Bruder® with you.

We are really excited to see whether our massage gel works just as well for you and how many tingling legs we can reach out there – we are always happy to receive any feedback, so please let us know!

About Carsten

I'm Carsten, 33 years old, an entrepreneur and I've been suffering from restless legs (and arms) for a good eight years, and it gets worse every year. My nervous legs kept me from sleeping - at first only 2 or 3 times a night, then more and more often and at some point I could forget about sleeping altogether. I was constantly going to work exhausted, tried all kinds of remedies - nothing helped and at some point my everyday life got so out of sync that I collapsed with burnout.

On the neurological ward at Schaumburg Hospital, I met Dieter, my roommate, and with him my new miracle cure for tingling legs. He had brought the aloe vera-based gel back from a holiday in Gran Canaria. After trying it out for a few days and realizing that it was the first remedy that really soothed my legs effectively and was also purely herbal, I decided to contact the manufacturer.

Now my brother and I sell the miracle gel together and we are so convinced of our product that we give every new customer a money-back guarantee if there is no success in the first few weeks. It is a real matter of the heart for us, and of course especially for me, to help people with this disease, for which unfortunately there is still no medical treatment. We are happy about every new success story about more rest and sleep, about a life without restless legs.

About Stefan

My name is Stefan, I'm also 33, and when my brother Carsten introduced me to the gel from Gran Canaria, I immediately thought of my sore muscles after exercise.

As a passionate strength athlete, I have them all the time and they delay my recovery considerably, so I have to take longer and longer breaks between my sessions so that the muscles are not overstrained. When I use the gel, which we have appropriately named Cold Brother®, these waiting times are significantly reduced because it cools and promotes blood circulation during the rest phase, which improves recovery.

I have already recommended our product to many of my sports friends and they are all delighted with the effect. In the long term, we would like to market Kalter Bruder® as a sports gel, but first of all, the people out there with restless legs are the more pressing issue - I myself sleep like a baby and don't envy anyone who can't find rest.

Kalter-Bruder® 500ml for 53 €

(lasts 2-3 months)

Start your journey with us and simply try out the cooling massage gel. If you don't like it, you can easily get your money back under our guarantee.

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