What to do about restless legs?

Do you suffer from tingling, restless legs and are wondering what you can do about it? We have summarized the latest findings from science and practice in an overview for you:

  1. Conventional medicine: Dopamine preparations are often prescribed here, which generally work quickly, but there are risks of side effects and the body becoming habituated. The necessity and possibility of using medication must be discussed with a qualified doctor.
  2. Dietary supplements: Magnesium is used in particular here. It is easy to take, but has a steady rather than an acute effect. This makes it perfect as a supplement to other home remedies such as a cooling muscle gel. Important: The cheap magnesium carbonate preparations have a much lower effect than magnesium citrate, which we think is highly recommended.
  3. Muscle gels: Particularly because of their acute effect, they are very useful for use before going to sleep or in other resting states when the legs start to tingle. There are sometimes large differences in price and quality, especially in relation to the cooling effect. The successful formula of Kalter Bruder® is based on 5 medicinal plants and can be tested easily and without financial risk with a money-back guarantee - today 10,000 customers swear by the gel.
  4. Exercise: To relax your legs before going to bed, we recommend holding exercises such as standing squats. Together with magnesium citrate and muscle gel from Kalter Bruder©, they can be a natural alternative for more relaxation in everyday life.

Cooling gel for restless legs

Kalter Bruder® uses the natural power of cold therapy

and can help to relieve the typical symptoms of restless legs. Deep cooling relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Test with money-back guarantee

The Kalter Bruder® success formula

These five medicinal plants bring profound cooling and long-lasting muscle relaxation to your legs.

The muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties of the medicinal plants in Kalter Bruder® can support the body's self-healing powers in cases of restless legs.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the foundation of Kalter Bruder® and ensures that the gel is quickly absorbed into the skin. This allows the natural powers of the medicinal plants to reach exactly where they are needed.

The quality of AloeVera products varies greatly. That is why we use plants from our own cultivation on Gran
Canaria, home of Aloe Vera. Our laboratory has developed a unique process to preserve the yellow aloin - this is often lost in conventional production.

Aloin is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Arnica promotes blood circulation in your muscles and provides
a better removal of harmful substances. Arnica has
also soothing & has anti-inflammatory properties.

Although arnica has been used for ages for various muscle complaints and
Bruises, the warming effect in cases of restless leg complaints is disrupted, as the “tingling” sensation usually increases with heat.

The unique composition in Kalter Bruder® eliminates this warming effect; what remains are the relaxing, circulation-promoting properties of the arnica.

Devil's Claw

Devil's claw has strong pain-relieving properties and lets your inner restlessness
disappear. Devil's claw calms your muscles and relaxes your nerves sustainably.

Devil's claw is therefore typically used for joint or back pain to relieve pain naturally and at the same time to support the body's own healing process.

If your legs are tingling and restless, this effect can be used to calm your muscles and relieve internal cramps.


Menthol brings the icy cooling effect to the gel of Kalter Bruder® and provides a very pleasant feeling on the skin.

Although menthol is used in many skin creams and ointments, there are large differences in the quality of the desired cooling effect. Since menthol is very volatile, the recipe must be sensitive to it.

You can increase the cooling effect of Kalter Bruder® by:

(1) Store the gel in the refrigerator

(2) Wash the skin thoroughly beforehand

(3) Do not apply it too thinly


Camphor is an important key ingredient in Kalter Bruder® because it can relax the muscles of restless legs.

Camphor is extracted from the wood and bark of the camphor tree using steam and has long been known for its circulation-stimulating and relaxing properties. It is therefore often used to treat joint and muscle problems.

Camphor even acts directly on the central nervous system and is
Because of its expectorant properties it is also used for colds (e.g. Wick VapoRub).

Brotherly love

Brotherly love is in all our products and ensures a warm, cozy feeling when using Kalter Bruder®.

This is exactly why we have decided to offer a money-back guarantee – so that everyone can try out whether our gel provides relief.

We are not doctors and our products are not official medicine for restless legs. And yet we love what we do because every day we meet people who have a better everyday life with our gel. That makes us happy and ultimately a little proud too.

“Kalter Bruder® cools most intensively”

Judith Coban has been suffering from RLS for six years and has tried many creams.

“The cooling effect comes almost immediately
within a minute and the effect lasts significantly longer than with other products. And even when the cooling effect wears off at some point, my feet have calmed down or I have already fallen asleep.

The 500 ml bottle lasts me for 2-3 months and I don't need to take any additional supplements. My quality of life has improved dramatically since then and I'm happy to spend €20 a month on that."

“Today I don’t need any more pills”

Sabine N. (60) from NRW uses Kalter Bruder® for restless legs.

"I have been diagnosed with restless legs for about four years. My family doctor referred me to a neurologist and he prescribed me a medication. After reading the leaflet and taking the first few tablets, I looked for alternatives.

I discovered the Cold Brother and
Since then, I no longer need any tablets. I sleep well again, my feet and lower legs feel warm and comfortable at night."

“I am infinitely grateful for the tip about the holding exercises!”

Karin V. (56) from Switzerland does a “ski squat” every evening before using Kalter Bruder®.

"I have suffered from RLS since I was pregnant with our twin boys, so for 22 years. Unfortunately, it never went away and it got worse over the years, probably because of the menopause. Three years ago I broke my collarbone and had to lie around for a while: the RLS became unbearable and I googled more and more desperately - until I finally came across your website. I am infinitely grateful for the gel and the tip about the holding exercise. When the fidgeting starts in the evening or at night, I do the following:

I do a kind of "ski squat" but with my legs spread wide, forearms on my thighs, hands folded, for about 60 seconds until my thighs burn badly. Then I rub the gel generously into my legs until it feels very cold. Then I go to sleep. Sometimes I need 2-3 "rounds" like this, but it works and always helps. Thank you so much again..."

“A great combination that finally brings relief”

Sabine K. (76) from Rügen has RLS and polyneuropathy – she uses Kalter Bruder® together with a rotigotine patch.

"Since 1998, I didn't know what had happened to me - my legs were twitching, tingling and stinging, it was enough to drive me to despair. Lack of sleep every day, daily work tasks and on-call duties pushed me to my personal limits for years!

In 2005 I heard about a study being conducted by the pharmacy in Schwerin and took part in it. First we had to go to a sleep laboratory, then we were given different doses of the drug rotigotine (as a patch), which has been on the market in America for a long time. After a few years the patch was approved in Germany and since then I have been sticking it on my upper arms every 24 hours (4mg per patch). I can only recommend this patch to anyone who suffers from RLS - the super combination with the gel Kalter Bruder® provides me with a lot of relief from RLS symptoms.

I would like to thank people for recommending that I rub my legs with Kalter Bruder©. I would like to thank you, the team, for producing this product and I wish you continued success with other helpful products, such as the new Kalter Bruder® intense gel for arthrosis and joint problems."

Kalter-Bruder® 500ml for 53€

(enough for 2-3 months)

Our 60-day money-back guarantee is straightforward and reliable. Order your first bottle of Kalter Bruder now and give your legs the rest they deserve.

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“It was a huge coincidence to discover this miracle cure”

Carsten got the tip for the small laboratory on Gran Canaria in the neurological clinic, of all places.

"When I was being tested for RLS and prescribed loads of tablets, I met another patient who often vacationed on the Spanish island and bought a gel there that helped with his varicose veins. It wasn't until weeks later that I tried it for several days and couldn't believe it - I immediately threw the medication away and contacted the laboratory. Today, 10,000s of people use our gel every day and can relieve their symptoms naturally."

Your Cold Brothers

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