Frequently asked questions

Hi, we're glad you're interested in Kalter Bruder©. We hope we can help you here and if not, you can contact us using the contact form.

Can I stop taking my medication with Kalter Bruder©?

The information on these pages does not constitute medical advice and should not be considered as such. It should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment and is not a substitute for a thorough medical examination and assessment. The offer is not a substitute for medication or other treatment prescribed by a doctor or health care provider. It is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Even the sensation when applying Kalter Bruder© can vary greatly from user to user. This is precisely why we have opted for the money-back guarantee, which allows you to test our product risk-free and observe the effect on your body - around 2% of all first-time users make use of this right of return.

It doesn’t work (yet) – what can I do?

Depending on the context in which you use our product, there are a few things you can do to support its noticeable effect. In addition, users report that they hardly felt any change at first, but that this occurred after a few days.

You can increase the cooling effect by keeping the gel in the fridge, washing your skin thoroughly beforehand (so that the greasy film comes off) and then applying it particularly thickly. It can still be really moist after you rub it in. We also recommend that you follow the advice in our newsletter (sign up here ) or on the relevant subpages Joint Pain , Polyneuropathy and Restless Legs - here you can find out more about your symptoms and see what you can do, for example, in terms of diet and exercise, to support your use of Kalter Bruder©.

Around 2% of all first-time users ultimately make use of our right of return because they do not achieve the desired effect with our gel. Some report that they feel the cooling effect but do not see any relief from their symptoms. Still others do not even feel any cooling on the parts of their body - we cannot really explain the latter in particular. Just like the symptoms of those affected, people and their physical perception are very individual and the same seems to be true of the use of our gel.

How do Kalter Bruder© relax and Kalter Bruder© intense differ?

After we launched the relax gel for the legs in 2021, we have learned from our customers over the years that many of them use Kalter Bruder© not only for restless legs, but also for other physical complaints, especially polyneuropathy, sports injuries and joint pain - in fact, there is a lot of overlap and those affected often suffer from several symptoms at once. You can browse the comments on our website - there many users report on their experiences with Kalter Bruder© for various complaints.

In order to relieve acute inflammatory pain (such as in rheumatoid arthritis), it is advisable to cool more strongly in the short term and to ensure a mild cooling effect in the long term. The particularly high proportion of menthol and other medicinal plants in Kalter Bruder© intense provides a direct, short-lasting cold kick that can effectively support the reduction of inflammation and the relief of pain. You can find out more about the function of cooling, as well as nutrition and exercise for rheumatoid arthritis here .

Important: Since Kalter Bruder© is not a registered medical device, it has not been sufficiently investigated to what extent this effect occurs when it is used - however, many of our customers report that they experience a significant relief of their symptoms.

Are there any side effects or people who should avoid using it?

You will find a complete list of all ingredients on the product page and we can only recommend that you study them carefully and/or discuss them with a doctor if you have any doubts. We would also like to point out that use on children, during pregnancy or in the immediate vicinity of babies and small children should be avoided at all costs, particularly because of the essential oils and the high arnica content - if in doubt, speak to your gynecologist about the risks.

Since Kalter Bruder© is not a medical product, we are not obliged to publicly document any side effects that may occur. However, if you have any personal concerns, we recommend that you do a small test on an insensitive part of your body in order to detect any allergic reactions or similar in good time.

Do you offer sample bottles or refill packs?

Unfortunately not. Both would exceed the capacity of our small family business - we hope you understand. That's why we have decided to offer all first-time users a 60-day money-back guarantee so that they can test the gel risk-free.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

You can easily send us your opened bottle of Kalter Bruder© back and we will refund your purchase price (including shipping costs) within a few days. Here you can find all the information about the refund and process your return in just a few clicks.

Does the gel stain clothes and bedding?

Opinions differ as to how quickly the gel is absorbed into the skin. Some report that it works really quickly and that after just a few minutes there is hardly any moisture left. Others write about sticky and blue-colored bed linen, which is obviously unpleasant.

Here we can only recommend: try it out for yourself! If you notice that the gel leaves a moist, sticky film on your skin for a while after rubbing it in, then place a towel underneath or simply wipe the rest off with a slightly damp cloth. And if some of it gets on your clothes or bed linen, our gel is easy to wash out again.